Tata TAMO RaceMo | Supercar

  • Uploaded On: 15/03/2017
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    Racemo Sports Coupe is the first car by Tata Motors under the brand name TAMO. It is a limited edition supercar with only 250 units planned to be sold by the company. It will be powered by a 1.2 litre 3 cylinder turbo charged petrol engine which generates maximum power of 190 PS and maximum torque of 210 NM. The car has a low wet weight of around 800 kilograms with a power to weight ratio of 237 PS per tonne. Racemo Sports Car is expected to be launched in India by mid-2018. It is expected to be the first budget sports car in the country with a hyper car styling and will be competing with DC Avanti in India.

    Expected: Mid-2018
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